BJU Press is the core curriculum that we use in first and second grades for all subjects. Math is supplemented with computerized lessons, Saxon math,  Abeka math,  and Mammoth Math; as well as the use of manipulatives to provide a concrete, visual way to explain concepts. Reading is supplemented with small group, guided reading lessons. This gives the teacher a tangible way to monitor progress. Books are divided into levels based on the complexity of the text and comprehension questions.  It is a more accurate way to assess students than just a letter grade. Each  student must obtain 95% accuracy , across genres, to be moved to the next level. The levels are divided as follows:

A-D  Kindergarten

E-J    First Grade

K-M  Second Grade

N-P  Third Grade

Q-S   Fourth Grade

T-V   Fifth Grade

W-Z  Sixth Grade